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Bed and Breakfast Ferrara Il Bocciolo della Rosa

Trattoria La Rosa
Il Bocciolo della Rosa
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via del Bosco, 2a SANT'AGOSTINO - FERRARA
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It all started in 1908 when my great grandparents Giannetto and Carolina Franciosi started their business; a guesthouse as many others, with stables, loads of wine, card games and some light snacks. (There were also those who brought their own food from home and just ordered the drinks!)

The years passed (full of misery and 2 wars) and finally, immediately after the war, the works on an old Napoleon project began in Sant’Agostino: The Napoleon Channel. This channel would connect the two rivers Reno and Po.
During the work on this project there was a proper invasion of technicians, truck drivers, diggers etc that were involved in the huge construction project.

It’s at this point that the family business starts gaining its shape. We still offer both the traditional dishes of this area such as Tagliatelle with ragú, tortellini in broth, “Cacciatora” chicken and “friggione” but also a more distinguished and rich variety of more modern dishes.

With the new state owned highway, it gets easier to get to Sant’Agostino from cities like Ferrara, Modena and Bologna, people start moving around more and we begin receiving more guests for dinner! In these years the restaurant was always open, no vacation and no days of relax. We are now in the 1950’s and the third generation of the family business that incorporates my parents, who by this time started helping my grandfather and my grandmother (“La Rosa” = The Rose).

By this time we began receiving some recognition in food guides and we also started using some more distinguished ingredients in our dishes, like white truffle from the Panfilia forest (a forest on the riverbank of the Reno river close to Sant’Agostino) and at this point we also start treating Wine as a very important part of the experience of good food.

Restaurant Ferrara La Rosa

restaurant Ferrara

Finally, we have come to the present time, the fourth generation.
After school, I and my wife registered to study at the University but our family needed our help. Therefore, we left our studies and dedicated ourselves completely to this activity; we are now both Sommeliers and we have both attended a lot of cooking courses in order to learn more about the industry.

In all these years, the common thread of our business has always been to make sure that ours is a true business of hospitality.

We haven’t changed the way of making the pasta (we still make all the pasta entirely by hand) and we haven’t changed the way of cooking.
Another thing that still remains the same is the way we welcome our clients (“or better put”, our guests), since we believe that we should treat our clients as guests in our own home, and offer them only the best specialties from our region (Emilia Romagna, or more specifically, Ferrara).

Finally, we believe that the sentence that we have on our menu gives a good idea of what our business is all about:

“Founded in 1908, the pleasure of welcoming guests during four generations”

Francesco Malaguti and Family

bed and breakfast b&b ferrara


The Food

The history that you have just read, obviously results in us serving food with traditions from the territory of Emilia Romagna: Traditional food that follows the specialties that the different seasons offer.

In an era when everything is very fast and borders are crossed with extreme facility, we believe that families like ours need to defend what their traditions have taught them.

We believe that our traditional dishes such as the ones listed hereafter have nothing to envy any of the more modern dishes found in a lot of restaurants today.

Parma ham lightly cooked in vinegar (and finished off with a terrific Olive Oil!), tortellini in chicken and beef broth with hand made pasta, hand made tagliatelle with classical beef ragu, pumpkin tortelloni from Ferrara, superb fried vegetables, “cotoletta alla Bolognese” with mashed potatoes, tagliatelle cake, a creamy icecream made with a traditional recipe.

Our traditional food from Emilia Romagna is also very dependent on the produce of each season, therefore the following dishes are available during certain periods of the year:
Asparagus carpaccio, pumpkin soup, thick handmade pasta with fresh peas and a ricotta made of sheep milk, lamb chops with fried courgette flowers, eggs with “spugnole” (a rare mushroom from the Reno area), frozen eggnog in a mocha sauce, bowl of fresh strawberries with a touch of mint…


After one hundred years of work, every business develops its specialty, and since my great grandfather Giannetto was the forest guardian in the nearby Panfilia Forest, our specialty has become the use of white truffle from that forest, and we use this delicacy with pleasure!

We also started using a lot of alternative meat, such as venison and wild boar from the hills of the Bologna area and we also use some fish (cod during winter and fresh tuna during summer).

Hotel Bed and breakfast "IL BOCCIOLO DELLA ROSA"
Sant'Agostino FERRARA

We are approaching our 100-year anniversary and with it, we have extended our business!!
In August 2007 we launched “Il bocciolo della Rosa” (= "The Rosebud"): Bed & Breakfast with 5 rooms and a wine shop.
The name reflects the connection between the new B&B and our restaurant.
With the accomodation and the possibility to purchase wine and other products, we have now completed our concept of service and hospitality.

The rooms follow the restaurant's conception of a family business with good service, design and comfort.

The rooms are all graced with the comfort of Air Conditioning, Internet connection with ADSL and Cable TV, all in accordance with environmentally friendly regulations.


Double Room with breakfast: 80 €.

If you have any specific requirements, please call us or send us an email.

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In our facilites you can also find our wine shop where you can purchase wines and other products.

Our location

Siamo in via del Bosco,2 a SANT'AGOSTINO - FERRARA - ITALY
Tel. e Fax 0039 0532 84098

from MILAN
Superhighway Milan-Bologna exit Modena north, direction Ferrara (passing Nonantola - Cento), approximately 15km from Cento, direction Ferrara.

Superhighway Padova-Ferrara, exit Ferrara north, direction Modena/Cento, continue past the centres of Mirabello/San Carlo; approximately 4km from San Carlo, direction Cento.

Superhighway Ancona/Bologna deviation Bologna/Padova, exit Altedo, continue past the centre of San Pietro In Casale, approximately 5km from Galliera, direction Santagostino.

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to contact us: info@trattorialarosa.it

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